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General Terms & Conditions



In the unlikely event of product performance failure, at our election, Ceilite will replace the goods within warranted conditions.  The building owner or installer is responsible for all costs associated with removal and installation. Delivery costs will only be included if it is within a 50km radius of the supplier of original order.

Ceilite must be notified of any problems within ten (10) working days from the time the problem first becomes apparent.  This can be made verbally, but must be followed up in writing, to Ceilite, 4/22 Eastern Services Road, Stapylton, 4207.  Photographs of the problem area are often helpful and may identify the problem quickly.  Ceilite will contact you within thirty (30) days and, if a replacement is authorised, this will take effect within thirty (30) days thereafter.

Ceilite will not be held responsible for any sub-contractor or associates in respect to installation of any or all products. No claim may be made against Ceilite for poor workmanship unless Ceilite has given in writing any such warranties or assurances.

Stock items may only be returned within a 30 day period and will be subject to a minimum 15% handling charge. In addition all invoice numbers must be provided and any transport or delivery costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

  • All ceiling and wall products must be installed and maintained in accordance with current Ceilite written instructions and best industry practice, including CISCA Handbook and ASTM C 636, "Standard Practice for Installation of Metal Ceiling Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile and Lay-In Panels".
  • Care must be taken that the products are not damaged during delivery and/or while the materials are stored at the job site.
  • All materials must be kept dry whilst stored as well as having adequate ventilation. Do NOT stack materials directly onto any floor, use gluts spread evenly to distribute weight evenly and to allow adequate air circulation to the product being stored.
  • The products must always be protected from direct contact with water including condensation and chemical fumes, both before and after installation.
  • All products must be used in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines. All products are NOT suitable for exterior applications or direct exposure to weather.
  • Damage that may occur from vibrations is not covered by this warranty.
  • Standard Commercial Ceilings - Prior to, during and after installation, the ceiling tiles or panels shall be maintained free of chemical fumes and vibration, and installed in an area that is within a temperature range of 60-104oF (16-40oC). Relative humidity should not exceed 70%.
  • It is essential that ventilation is necessary to minimize any excessive temperatures within the void above the installed products. Ventilation is the controlled interchange of air between the inside of the building and the outside air.
  • The ceiling panels must not be used to support any material including insulation. Where insulation must be used, it should be no heavier than 2.5 Kg per square metre. Insulation must be applied perpendicular to the suspension cross tees with the suspension system supporting the majority of the weight of the insulation.
  • The ceiling tile should not be used where the temperature continually exceeds the temperature range. This will occur if you use our product directly under a colourbond / metal roof without proper ventilation or insulation to ensure that the temperature range is maintained.
  • All proper materials for installation must be used and must be proven to be used in the event of a failure of materials. These materials may consist of glues, mesh tape, stopping materials, etc which may affect the properties of the supplied materials.
  • This warranty does not cover damage caused by fire, smoke, water, accident, or by any form of abuse except normal wear and tear.
  • Please note that not all products can be repainted as repainting may affect acoustical performance, appearance, microbial resistance, fire resistance and ventilation through the ceiling panels or tiles.
  • Normal environmental conditions must prevail to warrant product performance.
  • This warranty will not cover situations where the panels are subject to vibrations or chemical fumes or where moisture comes in contact with the ceiling panel or tile as a result of a leaking roof, a sweating pipe, a leaking radiator, a flood, condensation on windows, condensation on more subtle surfaces where dew points are reached, humidified air from the HVAC system or any other similar causes.
  • It may be necessary from time to time to source an external method to create cross ventilation within the cavity above the installed product. Methods of external ventilation may include Vented Ridges, traditional metal "whirlybirds" or ventilated soffits.
  • To minimize external elements causing wear and tear to the product, foil or sarking should be installed under roofs (metal or tiles) as this will help eliminate damage which may occur from water penetration, blow back through tiled roofs, wind driven rain, condensation, etc and as a result will prolong the life of your product.
  • All materials must be collected or delivery arranged within 10 working days after the specified date. The customer will then be invoiced for the price of the goods and the goods will then be delivered at the discretion of Ceilite upon final payment. If goods are not collected or delivered after 30 days, Ceilite has the right to dispose of any or all product as they see fit.
  • No cancellations will be accepted unless the request is made in writing, acknowledged and accepted by Ceilite. In the event of this procedure NOT taking place, Ceilite may charge the customer for any/or all materials produced.



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