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Under Flooring Insulation

Under-Floor Insulation System - Direct Fix to Underside of Flooring

Heat-Ceil directly fixed to flooring with 4mm glue/reflective airspace provides an extra insulation layer from reflective air films.

Heat-Ceil combines the exceptional thermal qualities of EPS and reflective air films into one easy to use product that requires no special masks or clothing for installation.

Product Description: Heat-Ceil Insulation is a light weight rigid board made of an SL grade polystyrene core with pure aluminum foil laminated to both sides that reflects 97% of radiant heat, contains fire retardant and is water resistant.

Sheeting Sizes Floor Joist Centre's mm x 1200mm Cut and packed to ship

Heat-Ceil alternatively placed with 100mm airspace improves thermal values or saves money from thinner insulation.

Example: Total R 2.0 summer climate achieved from Building Insulation System below :

Heat Ceil glued and fixed to under side of flooring between joists leaving a 4mm glue/air space

60 kg Light Weight Pallets Glued to leave 4mm airspace Polystyrene fixing disk

Total Thermal Resistance values based on Floor System described below:

Sub-floor Exposed or Enclosed / Heat-Ceil / 4mm Reflective Still Air/Glue Space /Timber Flooring / Linoleum Floor Coverings

Total  R Values– Under-floor Insulation Systems
Heat-Ceil Placed in C Channel with Reflective Airspace

Building Sub-floor

Heat-Ceil Insulation

Reflective Still Air Space Total R Value Summer/Heat Flow In Total R Value Winter/Heat Flow out Insulation Cavity (Total)
Exposed and Highly Ventilated Sub-floor 35mm 4mm Rt 1.3 Rt 1.4 39mm
60mm 4mm Rt 2.0 Rt 2.7 64mm
Enclosed Sub-floor 35mm 4mm Rt 2.0 Rt 2.7 39mm
60mm 4mm Rt 2.7 Rt 3.4 64mm

* Determinations Based upon AS/NZS 4859.1:2002/Amdt 1 2006, Materials for Thermal insulation of buildings.

Changes to the building systems described above will alter the total thermal resistance value.

Ceilite provide a Thermal Insulation Evaluation from certified engineer for any specified building system.

The Building Code of Australia also list the thermal properties of both polystyrene and reflective airspaces.

We invite you to contact us about having your individual building system tested
or to arrange a completely independent 6 star energy efficiency report.

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