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Under-Suspended Slab Insulation System

Heat-Ceil can be supplied with a single layer of aluminium foil and directly fixed to the underside of suspended concrete slabs

Heat-Ceil combines the exceptional thermal qualities of EPS and reflective air films into one easy to use product that requires no special masks or clothing for installation.

Product Description: Heat-Ceil Insulation is a light weight rigid board made of an SL grade polystyrene core with pure aluminum foil laminated to one or both sides, reflects 97% of radiant heat, contains fire retardant and is water resistant.

Sheeting Sizes 5000mm x 1200mm     Thickness from 10mm to 75mm

Therma Ceil

Therma Ceil

Therma Ceil

Ceilite is a leader in under-slab insulation and offer a customized service in calculating the most cost effective method of insulating the under-side of concrete slabs as a floor or ceiling insulation element.

Achieving Total R value for Energy Assessment is dependent on a number of factors including: climate zone, slab thickness, ventilation, floor coverings and the presence of any ceiling linings or waterproofing membranes.

Ceilite provide a Thermal Insulation Evaluation from a certified engineer for any specified building system.

The Building Code of Australia also list the thermal properties of both polystyrene and reflective airspaces.

All Determinations are Based upon AS/NZS 4859.1:2002/Amdt 1 2006, Materials for Thermal insulation of buildings.

Sheeting Sizes 5000mm x 1200mm   Thickness from 10mm to 75mm

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